The Operating System is thrilled to invite you to take part in the inaugural season of LIMINAL LAB programming! With Bucky Fuller’s adage about addressing a broken system by “building a new model to make the old model obsolete” still our core principal, we offer something different:  an agile, all-access, experimental platform for anti-hierarchical, decolonial, peer to peer learning across disciplines, as well as a hub for resource sharing, performance, and collaboration. It is a project conceived of and managed by Elæ under the umbrella of the OS, with feedback loops from and in partnership with a rapidly growing pantheon of visionary facilitators and partner organizations. Looking ahead at not only this year but the fallout in the years to come, Liminal Lab is designed with system sustainability, scalability, and long-term mutual aid for the most vulnerable in mind, as well as offering a model wherein we question WHO gets to learn, WHAT we learn, HOW we learn, WHERE we learn, and the value assigned to these. Our collective resources are vast, and yet institutions of learning have become bloated corporate arks for middle management, abusive of yet deriving their true value from those lucky enough to get a job at the bottom of the barrel––we believe deeply that there is another way. We’re committed to making tools for critical creative play, embodiment, ecological possibility, speculative future planning, radical economic and community models, resistance, and whatever else we need to continue to be together on this planet in a just future available to all with absolutely no barriers to access. Join us!

Collaborating organizations include:

BodyCartography Project, Antena Aire, and Panoply Lab / Performancy Forum.

Collaborator / facilitators include:

Samuel Ace, Chris Alexander, Chloë Bass, Olive Bieringa, Joey De Jesus , Elæ, Kristen Gallagher, Mafe Izaguirre, Constantine Jones, Shay Lawz, Jeff Kasper, Caits Meissner, Esther Neff, Urayoán Noel, Alan Pelaez Lopez, Margaret Rhee, Jennifer Scappettone, Chris Spinozzi, Orchid Tierney, Edwin Torres, Joanna C. Valente, Zoe Tuck, and Chloe Zimmerman.

Full registration details and collaborator bios coming soon. Follow @the_operating_system on Instagram for new announcements and links!

Recent and Upcoming Programs Include:

Unsettling the Wor(l)d – with Joey De Jesus – [6 wks, Wednesdays @ 7:30 EST, starting 10/14] — Click here for more info and to register!

Queer Phenomenology Creative Germinar – with Zoe Tuck – [6 wks, Saturdays @ 12-2 EST starting 10/24] — Click here for more info and to register!

Reconciling the Body – with Shay Lawz – [Workshop, dates coming soon] – Click here for more info! Registration opens soon

Immune System Body Mind Centering  – with Olive Bieringa / BodyCartography Project — more info & registration coming soon!

Mycelial De/composition – with Chloe Zimmerman — more info & registration coming soon!

Counterpoetics of the Supply Chain – with Jennifer Scappettone — more info & registration coming soon!

Collective Translation Hackathon – with Kristen Gallagher and Chris Alexander — more info & registration coming soon!

Performancy Forum : Corpus Coliseum – with Panoply Performance Lab [a weekly performance series, Mondays] – Click here for more info

Alter/Alter III: Animal / Anarchy / Alchemy / Archive – with Elæ [6 wk – Summer Workshop / now available asynchronously] – Click here for more info and to register!

Ghoul School : Reading Notley – with Zoe Tuck [Summer reading group]

Heat Islands: Climate Change and Grassroots Poetics – with Orchid Tierney — [4 wk summer workshop]

Feel Recordings: Hearing the Voice of the Body – with Edwin Torres [6 session summer workshop / now available asynchronously] — click here for more info & registration!

Practicing Distance – with Jeff Kasper [Weekend Intensive, July 25-26, coming again soon]

Polyphonic Intersubjectivities: Mycelial Assemblage Beyond the Capitalocene – with Elæ & Special Guests [6 wk Summer Workshop]

Latinx Social Movements: Poetics & Politics – with Urayoán Noel [Check back in for a new workshop with Urayoán coming soon!]

Positive+ Storytelling:  ABSTRACT [for potential reality] – with Constantine Jones [4 wk summer workshop / call to action for folx living with HIV/AIDS]


  • Liminal Lab is a project building off of the Operating System infrastructure, seeking to model and offer structural, administrative, and financial support to humans moving away from settler imperial institutional structures.
  • Individuals and organizations will work in tandem with liminal lab to offer a broad range of programs and workshops, across different disciplines and skillsets all of which encourage the relearning of HOW TO HUMAN rather than HOW TO INSTITUTION — this means, for example, that there will be courses in various creative practices, but in conversation with and in tandem with somatics and movement for healing, medicine practices, permaculture, radical economics, histories of resistance, etc etc…
  • One of our goals ultimately is to offer all people non elitist access to tools and considerations around ourselves and our world and its functions–to break down ideas around legitimacy, gatekeeping, and to excise barriers to playful, curious, permission. Obviously, we don’t have the capacity to actually offer this to “all people,” but the model is designed to be open source, ie: it can scale, function rhizomatically across a wide, nonhierarchical network, and be replicated for autonomous applications where productive to do so. 
  • All collaborators will be paid, period, and we will take a nominal amount, less than any institution we know of, of door / costs to support administrative work and infrastructure. Ultimately, the collaborator network and administrative network overlap, as we learn to support ourselves and each other. There are no boundaries or conceptual limits between “administrators” and “creatives,” here. 
  • All classes and events will have a recommended donation level for participation but there will be sliding scale on an honor system, as well as sponsorship options to sponsor others to take courses. There is an absolute NO BARRIER TO ACCESS policy. However, the OS/Liminal Lab reserves the right to remove any person from a program who creates an unsafe environment for others. All programming will be vetted and carefully designed to prohibit access to trolls and other online forms of verbal harassment and violence. 
  • All learning styles are considered and addressed, with synchronous and asynchronous versions available for programs, and attention given to access for persons with a range of disabilities, visible and non. 
  • We also seek to support access to and the redistribution of the vast amount of siloed resources that those of us teaching in institutions are holding, by encouraging faculty (especially those losing jobs) to retrofit their syllabi / courses for this infrastructure, offering their work to new and non-geographically limited audiences.
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