The Operating System & Liminal Lab  is 100% committed to transparency in our practices —  from its inception this project has been built with the intention to document processes as we experiment, adapt, and evolve, which in turn are concretized to provide Open Access tools for community use (both for OS/LL produced projects and beyond — for other organizations and individuals to use and bring to their own spaces, on the ground and virtual).

What this means is that the OS/LL is modeled as a collaborative, autonomous, horizontal infrastructure.  On the granular, economic end, this means that we have never and will never support our own operations through submission fees or contests, which in their very architecture are built around the production of a false meritocracy as a foil over the machinations of capital, relying on a high percentage of rejection simply to fund the operations of an organization. Instead, we seek to explore and build alternative infrastructures & tools that encourage resource allocation towards positive and productive systems, challenging the illusory hierarchies of value and permission as well as the gatekeeping structures that discourage, strangle and delimit our creative output.

What you will find below are the most recent operating documents actively in use in our current system, as well as some other resources that have been collected to help demystify some of the systemic processes of the publishing industry, in particular, and to assist OS/LL collaborator-members in considering the implications of making and disseminating materials within the current economic landscape of cultural production.

If these resources are useful to you, please disseminate and share them! We believe completely that when any part of the system becomes more intelligent, it benefits the entire ecology of our community. Why keep resources behind paywalls? That capital mindset threatens to be our undoing.

[Creative Commons Licensing: as with all of our publications and projects, the templates & documents here (developed by founder/creative director, Elæ) are offered following a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 commons license; if and when you use these for projects beyond the OS/LL framework this must happen with attribution, and with rare exceptions in a no-derivatives, non-commercial context. If you wish to include these materials in commercial or profit-generating contexts, or have any questions about adopting these materials / policies, please contact operator@theoperatingsystem.org]

[Donate to support Open Access: we do still function in a world in which money is necessary, and we run a super agile organization with no institutional or private funding, so if you think these free resources are valuable please consider making a small one-time or recurring donation for their use!]

Looking for a takeaway? Using these tools? Please include this information about these resources in your publication as attribution and let us know about your project! [Download PDF: “About the Autonomous Document Initiative and OS Open Design Protocol.”

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